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I’m Dr. Sunita Kothari, Sr Gynaecologist with 37 years of experience doctor and 22 years of experience of Gynaecologist and Obstetrician.

Providing comfort is our top priority at All Female OB/GYN. We offer same-day, evening, and weekend appointments. You can start an appointment from your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. 

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Menstrual Disorder Dr Sunita Kothari

Menstrual Disorder

High Risk Pregnancy DrSunitagynae.com/

High Risk Pregnancy

Painless Delivery DrSunitagynae.com/

Painless Delivery

Post Natal Counseling DrSunitagynae.com

Post Natal Counseling

Caesarean Section DrSunitagynae.com

Caesarean Section

Antenatal Care and Delivery DrSunitaGynae.com

Antenatal Care and Delivery

Happy Stories

Romula Maria


Mrinali Sharma


 She is very patience in listening to my problems and less waiting time as well. The treatment and suggestions are apt. She has become my immediate consultant for my every gynec issues. Wonderful Sunita maam.

S.K. Arul Mozhi Selvan


Dr was very helpful and patience where she replied to each and every question that I asked without any delay. I would highly recommend others as well.



  Helpful and nice behaviour, she treat patients like a family member as well as give  advice to them.



Thus, my experience with her was good and I would recommend others to get their treatment from her.

Sukriti Dilwaria


Shalini Ghosh


Very happy with the online consultation. She was prompt in her response and very kind. I could chat very freely about my problems and received solutions from her. I highly recommend her.

Jhilik Dasgupta


Kothari ma’am, thank-you for your kind and loving nature and the way you deal is quiet good… I wish I would come to see you personally but it’s a good experience of online treatment that you handled and treated so well.



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